Stage 3 Expressions of Interest (EOI)

When looking for a new place to call home, we all have different priorities but one shared vision: a place to build the life we always wanted.

Discover Stage 3 at Yarrah, a place to live, grow and play, where a lifestyle of infinite possibilities unfolds at every turn.

Stage 3 is made up of two areas; a central-eastern portion in Precinct 5 that opens up the second access onto Laidlaw Street and a western portion located in Precinct 3, which connects to the river corridor and to the north of Stage 2 and the Seniors Site.

Lots range in size from 701m² – 1,200m² (average 838m²).

Yarrah stage 3 view

Release Details

We have 37 lots available in Stage 3 via an Expressions of Interest process:

Starting 9am (AEST) on Wednesday 23 February 2022 and Closing COB 5pm (AEST) on Friday 4 March 2022.

Lots available in Stage 3 include:
17 x Traditional Over 700 (700m² – 799m²)
20 x Estate (+800m²)

If you are interested in participating in Stage 3 Early Access Land Release, please find a number of resources on this page to assist in your consideration and participation.

EOI Process – Key Dates

The following key dates are from the EOI Terms and Conditions in the available resources. For more details please refer to the full EOI Terms and Conditions.

  • EOI Period Starting: Wednesday, 23 February 2022 (9am AEST)
  • EOI Period Closing: Friday, 4 March 2022 (COB 5pm AEST)
  • Awarding of Lots: Wednesday, 9 March 2022 (Between 9.30am and 5pm AEST)
  • Sales Advice Confirmation: 24 hours from receiving Sales Advice from the Sales Agent
  • Exchange of Contract: Within 3 Weeks of receipt of the Binding Land Sale Contract

To be eligible for the Expressions of Interest Process, you must complete the EOI Form and submit it prior to the EOI Period Closing time.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our sales agent at Yass Valley Property, Andrew Curlewis, phone (02) 6226 6331.


The Estate Lots are larger lots within the Yarrah Yass River development that provide the flexibility and opportunity to either:

  1. construct a single dwelling on a large lot; or
  2. construction of a dual occupancy (being two detached dwellings side by side) on the/a lot.

The Estate Lots were introduced in Stage 2 to builders only. In Stage 3, they will be made available to the general public and builders through the EOI process.

Planning Regime

The Yass Yarrah River land is zoned R1 General Residential. Single dwellings and dual occupancy dwellings are permissible with development consent in the Yass Valley Local Environmental Plan (minimum lot size 400m2). In an R1 General Residential zone the land owner (or a person acting on behalf of a landowner) may apply for approval to construct a single dwelling or a dual occupancy (being two detached dwellings side by side) on the/a lot by lodging a Development Application under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EP&A Act) or an application for a Complying Development Certificate under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (Code SEPP).

What Makes The Estate Lots Unique?
There are a number of elements that make the Estate Lots unique from other lots in the Yarrah Yass River development. These include:

  • Estate Lots are dedicated lots where construction of a dual occupancy dwelling will not be prohibited under the contract for the lot;
  • other lots have a combination of restrictions mechanisms in place preventing dual occupancy from occurring including contractual conditions, lot typology and/or lot size; and
  • dual services are intended to be provided to each Estate Lot, meaning that construction of a dual occupancy dwelling has been foreshadowed in Yarrah’s servicing masterplan (which will avoid the need for future negotiation with Council for service connections).

Dual Services

As noted above it is intended that the Estate Lots will be delivered with dual services that fit within the overall Yarrah servicing masterplan. Specifically this means that each Estate Lot is intended to be provided with the following:

  • 2 x Driveways locations
  • 2 x Water service connections
  • 2 x Sewer service connections
  • 2 x Stormwater outlet connections
  • 2 x Electrical service connections
  • 2 x NBN service connections

Lot Disclosure Plan

Lot Disclosure Plans have been provided to show the indicative location of the services intended to be provided to each Estate Lot and the requirements of the Codes SEPP to accommodate a dual occupancy development. While the Lot Disclosure Plan sets out some requirements of the Codes SEPP, individual applications need to be assessed against the Code SEPP for compliance. The construction of any dwelling on an Estate Lot remains subject to all relevant approvals being obtained and the purchaser will be responsible for obtaining all such approvals. Purchasers must satisfy themselves that their individual dwelling or dual occupancy designs can be accommodated under the Code SEPP as Complying Development or the Yass Valley Local Environmental Plan through the Development Application pathway.


The information above has been provided by the vendor’s consultants. The vendor’s consultants do not assume any responsibility, liability or duty of care to any party other than the vendor or for any reliance placed on this information.

The vendor makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this information. The purchaser should make its own enquiries and seek its own advice in respect of the opportunity to purchase an Estate Lot, including seeking specific planning and legal advice on the opportunity.

Landscape and Vista



  • Estate (+800m²)

  • Parklands (800m² – 999m²)

  • Traditional Over 700 (700m² – 799m²)

  • Traditional (600m² – 699m²)

  • Courtyard (450m² – 599m²)

  • Mixed Use Activity Centre

  • Integrated (Seniors, Terraces, Townhouses, Apartments, etc.)

  • Open Space & Road Reserve

  • New Roads

  • Future Lots
  • Yass River

  • SOLD


  • Not For Sale
  • Stage 3