The Yarrah Way for Great Streetscapes and Places

The Yarrah Design Controls seek to achieve a balance between influencing great design outcomes while not being too restrictive like other developments. The Design Controls actively encourage creative expression of design while maintaining a minimum standard, which is an investment in your property into the future.

At their very core, Yarrah Design Controls seek to influence house design and front yard landscapes to deliver great streetscapes for the Yarrah community.

The Yarrah Design Controls do not replicate housing, structure, efficiency or setback elements dictated by the NSW Housing Code, Basix, or Council requirements, as these are pre-existing controls enforced by relevant authorities. The Yarrah Design Controls do not seek to enforce design or sustainability considerations that impact on lifestyle or house layout, unless such elements also impact streetscape quality.

The Stage 1 Design Controls including Approval Process, Application Checklist, Application Form and Landscape Examples can be downloaded below.

Yarrah Design Controls & Application