Yarrah’s master plan provides for over 700 dwellings, open space and associated infrastructure that will evolve as the premier residential estate in Yass Valley. The Vision for Yarrah is to create a well-connected diverse, facilitated residential community adjacent to the Yass River approximately 1.5km from the centre of Yass. The master plan was been developed in accordance with the Stage 1 DA endorsed Development Guidelines.

Yarrah creates a new growth area for Yass infilling a previous undeveloped riverside parcel isolated by the disused rail corridor. Yarrah will significantly increase the diversity of housing available in Yass whilst providing additional amenities, services and open space facilities to help Yass grow and prosper.

Seven Principles underpin the planning and future development of Yarrah:

  1. Environmentally Responsive – recognising the unique environmental value of the site with particular focus on the Yass River. The riparian corridor will be managed to protect significant biodiversity values of the land and river and provide open space linkages that benefit the whole community.

  2. Streets for Living – friendly and safe streetscapes that entice residents and visitors to use them for gathering, socialising, recreation, walking and cycling.

  3. Housing Diversity – housing types and sizes to support the changing demographic and lifestyle needs of the community, including land and houses sized to meet the needs of small to large households.

  4. Public Open Space – designed for health, physical activity, socialising, entertainment, recreation, access and conservation, and distributed so that all residents are close to a park or enhanced street connected to the riverfront parklands.

  5. Walking and Cycling Opportunities – safe easy walking and cycling access to surrounding education, recreation, jobs, health facilities, retail and central Yass to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

  6. Culturally Responsive – recognising and celebrating the river, the rail and Yass’ rich European and pre-European heritage.

  7. A Thriving Vibrant Heart – a riverside activity centre flanked by health, neighbourhood shopping, recreation, entertainment and seniors housing that provides for the immediate and wider Yass community and complements the Yass town centre rather than competing with it.

The Master Plan DA was lodged with Council in late 2023 and is moving through the approval process having recently completed public exhibition.