Stage 1 – Latest update

Exciting news for all buyers of stage 1: all civil work is now complete and ready for building. The first houses started being built in late 2023.

Stage 2A – Latest update

A lot has been happening in stage 2A recently. Civil construction commenced in March 2024 and is expected to be completed by June 2024.

Stage 2B – Latest update

Stage 2B has also seen a flurry of activity since the turn of the year. Stage 2B is DA approved with Construction Certificate Approval expected very soon.

Stage 3 – Latest update

Stage 3 lots range in size from 700m² to 2,092m², and it will include the detailed design and delivery of the first portion of river corridor open space.

Stage 4 – Latest update

Stage 4 lots range in size from 700m² to 2,150m². Stage 4 completes the Yarrah Drive loop and opens up the second entrance at Orion Street.